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Hello my name is Gavin, I live in WI, Middleton and I´m a seventh grader. I have lots of friends, and sort of like school.

Why Memes are good.

Memes have been proven to help your state of mind, such as, being happy for long periods of time or laughing a lot even when something sad had just happened. This however does not help everyone for example, if you have depression you might think it´s some stupid joke. Also, just older adults who 99% (exaggeration) of the time don´t care about kids humor.

Why some people think viners are weird.

Firstly, I think some people judge viners just because they think the viners are weird. My opinion on why people think viners are weird is, they do weird stuff in their vines. But people can´t be critical of this stuff because it´s just to get views/likes/subs and more. This is why people can´t be critical because it is sort of hard to make so many scenarios. But if you are critical at least be sort of joking, so your not mocking the viners that badly.

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